Animated Featured Posts Slider Widget For Blogger

In My previous post I shared an amazing plugin to show slide down recent post from a particular label with jQuery effect. This is also another awesome blogger widget by NBT for blogger user. actually this widget will help you to get good traffic on your blog/website. This widget shows the recently added posts automatically. It showing the posts in slider form. It may help you to have less bounce rate with more pageviews. Blogging is the technical way of making money with our blogs through monetization. It needs more pageviews.

This automated recent post slider widget updated automatically when you posted on your blogs. You can use it for only one blog. You have to place your blog url from which blog, the posts will be shown. You have to choose sidebar portion to place this widget. It is the right place to use it effectively. It is amazing, it updated automatically the featured posts of your blog.

Let me explain how to add this featured posts slider sidebar widget to blogger blog.

Live Preview

Live Demo

Add This Widget with NBT Widget Generator

With the help of Blow Widget Generator you can easily generate the code of this amazing jQuery plugin that show recent post from particular label on your blog or website. See Our Other Widget Generators

Login To Your Blogger Account Before Using Widget Generator

How to Manually Add This Widget To Blogger

If Above widget Generator tool doesn’t work properly then you can add this widget manually by following below steps

  • 1. Login to your Blogger account
  • 2. Go to dashboard and move on Layout section
  • 3. Click on Add a gadget link and select HTML/JavaScript option
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”” />  <div id=”featuredpostside“></div><a href=””></a>  <script src=””></script>  <script src=””></script>  <script type=’text/javascript’>  FeaturedPostSide({  blogURL:”“,  MaxPost:8,  idcontaint:”#featuredpostside”,  ImageSize:300,  interval:6000,  autoplay:true,  tagName:false  });  </script> 


  • Replace with your blog URL.
  • You can change the time interval by replacing 6000. It is in milliseconds.
  • You can stop the auto play by replacing “autoplay:true” with “autoplay:false

That’s all. You are done! Finally, Click on the Save the buton.

If you encounter any problem, feel free and comment below to get a solution. Shayourre Experience with us by commenting below.
Happy Blogging :)


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